About Me

Hello! My name is Raymond Velasquez, and I am the photographer and founder of RVPhotography. Photography is my passion and I want to be the go-to photographer for all types of clientele, no matter the budget, or anything that may prevent them from hiring other photographers. While being in this business, I have realized the sad truth that many photographers are in it for the money and thats just sad! I put my clients before everything else and I will not let anybody’s special day, whatever it may be, be burdened by budget. I will be the photographer to provide premium pictures and service, with professional equipment, at a more than reasonable and flexible price!

I first started photography/videography my Sophomore year of high school as a small hobby, then eventually, it grew into me taking pictures and videos at different school events, then led to me making the end the year video for the school single handeldly my senior year, in addition to that, I also was awarded for “saving” a couple of the yearbook pages due to some of the yearbook’s staff inactivity. After high school, I started off doing a favor for my girlfriend’s brother’s wedding, then realizing that I enjoyed wedding photography a lot,` I used my “portfolio” from that wedding to get some gigs, then gained some momentum, and now its a business that also does other types of photography, including senior shoots, product photography, family portraits, travel, and so much more!

In addition to photography, I also am an EMT and have been since July of 2016. Photography and medicine are two of some of my main passions in life. One thing that can be seen as a plus for hiring me is in addition to having an easy going and professional photographer, you also will have a first responder who is accredited in L.A, Riverside, and Orange County, ready for anything!

I’ll probably shorten this in time, but thats a little bit about myself, thank you for reading (or skimming) my short bio and I hope that I have caught your interest and I only hope to be able to provide you with the very best service, pictures, and price that I can!